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First Time in Russia!

Legendary German Philosopher And Author Eckhart Tolle:

The Man Who Has Taught The World To Live In The NOW.

The Only Performance In Moscow

30 September 2017 – Crocus City Hall – 7PM

“Eckhart Tolle is a prophetofour times”

Oprah Winfrey, American media proprietor, talk show host

“The most successful spiritual author of the modern era”

“The Guardian”

“The man who can change your life”

“The Independent”

Eckhart Tolle is one of the most original and inspiring teachers of our time, author and philosopher. He helped millions of people to regain inner peace, to heal and start leading a happy fulfilling life. People love Eckhart for simplicity and sincerity, for being able to explain complicated things in simple phrase and with sparkling humor.

Eckhart rarely makes public appearances, and each of them becomes a big event. Every time his followers come to his events from all over the world, and the tickets get sold out long before the occasion.

For the first time ever Tolle will appear publicly in Russia on 30 September, 2017. This event has already created a lot of buzz. Rumor has it that Tolle’s arrival in Russia is for a reason and that he has a special message for the Russians that he will soon share from the stage of Crocus City Hall.

This unique man will help you expand the borders of your inner potential, open up the world of freedom and tranquility. You can be the first to hear him speak…

About the speaker

Eckhart Tolle was born in Germany, in a small town of Lunen. His childhood cannot be called happy. There were conflicts at home and bullying at school where his classmates did not accept the awkward teenager.

Then Eckhart made one of the most important decisions in his life: he went to live with his biological father and did not attend any regular educational institutions until he was 22. Instead he began educating himself learning philosophy, literature, astronomy and foreign languages. Then he moved to Great Britain where he attended universities in London and Cambridge. Afterwards he started teaching German and Spanish to business people at London school.

In that period he fell into a depression and was even feeling suicidal.

At his events Eckhart shares how his deep inner transformation has literally dissolved his former personality and radically changed his life. Now he helps others to perceive the things that he discovered.

Tolle’s best selling book “The Power of Now” is published in 33 languages and has been at the top of the “New York Times” bestsellers book list for the past 9 years.

World famous corporations like Google invite him to speak before their staff and the media line up for his interview. Oprah Winfrey’s interview with Eckhart Tolle was seen by 35 million people all around the world. The “Watkins' Mind Body Spirit” magazine named him among the top 3 of 100 most influential modern spiritual leaders after Dalai Lama XIV.

Performance in Moscow

On 30 September 2017 you will have a chance to get inspired by the live performance of this true leader of modern era, and this event may change your world forever. In 2017 the only public appearance of Eckhart Tolle in Russia will take place in Moscow’s Crocus City Hall.

Among the ones invited to take part in the event there are members of the Moscow City Government, the Federation Council of Russia, the Russian State Duma, the United Nations, public figures, writers and artists.

You cannot find yourself in the past or future. The only place where you can findyourself is in the Now”.

© Eckhart Tolle

“Situations don’t make you unhappy. They may cause you physical pain but they don’t make you unhappy. Your thoughts make you unhappy. Your interpretation, the stories you tell yourself, make you unhappy”.

© Eckhart Tolle


MeetPartners is an international company with a focus on edutainment (education + entertainment). The company has been operating on the Russian market for 5 years and has conducted over 400 edutainment and networking events.

Apart from that, MeetPartners is the Russian representative of top global speakers such as Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle, Bob Dorf, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Johan Ernst Nilson and others.

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30 September 2017
Starts at 19:00
Russia, Moscow
MKAD 66 kilometr (vneshn.) корпус 2
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MeetPartners is an international company with a focus on edutainment (education + entertainment). The company has been operating on the Russian market for 5 years and has conducted over 400 edutainment and networking events.

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